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Frequently Asked Questions

With the accumulation of all this new information about Secure Auto Finance plans, you may have lingering questions that you would like to be answered. We have done our best to accommodate your needs by providing you with answers to the most common questions usually needing to be addressed when it comes to Secure auto finance plans.

Is 0% Interest Always Offered?

If you find a plan that offers you a no interest plan, you will probably want to dive into purchasing that plan right away. However, many companies do not offer this simply because it means that there is a shorter time period in which to pay back the cost of the car. Just because you do not have to pay interest doesn't mean it is a perfect plan. The only time you should consider getting a no interest plan is if you can afford large monthly payments to pay back the car price in a very short span of time.





Does Secure Auto Finance Offer Insurance?

You are probably wondering what additional costs you will have to make each month on top of your Secure auto finance costs. There are some instances in which auto insurance can be directly added to your finance plan so that you can pay both your insurance and your car payment in one payment each month. However, this is very rare and typically only an option available in certain circumstances. In order to get it or find out if the Secure auto finance company even offers it, you must ask them.

Are There Extended Warranties?

The words 'extended warranties' may come up quite a bit when you are looking to get a Secure auto finance plan, and therefore you are probably wondering if companies offer them and if you can get one. An extended warranty is a warranty that allows you to get covered after the manufacturer warranty ends, and thus, if something were to happen to your car when your warranty ends, you will not have to pay out of pocket costs to get them fixed. Extended warranties can be very beneficial when it comes to Secure auto finance, but you should beware that they sometimes come with a hefty price. Ask your dealer for more information about extended warranty prices on your Secure auto finance plan.

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